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Emergencies happen when you are out driving on the roads. A car stall or an accident may occur when you least expect it. Our towing service San Marcos professionals are always there, 24/7, to assist you in your disabled car.

24 hours SERVICE

Towing San Marcos is a flat rate towing service available 24 hours a day. We have a team of professionals that will safely transport your vehicle to your home or the repair shop. Our tow trucks are clean and modern. They are well maintained and can handle any variety of disabled vehicles. You are secure in knowing that your vehicle breakdown will be quickly and affordably resolved in a short period of time. For an instant quote, just call (760) 819-7282.

Professional staff

Our professional staff is concerned with your safety as well as your vehicle’s safety. Your vehicle is most likely the second most valuable asset that you own, next to your home. We are experienced and trained to move vehicles without damaging the paint nor the body.

specialist Service

Not only do we tow your car, SUV or truck, but we are also specialists in towing more delicate vehicles such as motorcycles and classic cars. We know your bike needs to be secure on the flatbed. We have a motorcycle rail to lock your cycle into place as we tow it to your destination. You spent a lot of time fixing up your classic car. This may have been grandpa’s first car and you have lovingly restored this family treasure. We are trained to carefully tow your vehicle using the least amount of stress and tow the vehicle quickly and safely home.

experienced team members

At our shop, we have many experienced team members that are knowledgeable in the most secure way to transport your prized vehicle. We know that it does make a difference if your vehicle is manual or automatic. Most of all, we are experienced in knowing the right method of towing an all-wheel drive versus a rear wheel drive vehicle. When towing your car, we consider every detail before sending out a truck.


For example, flatbed towing causes the least amount of stress on the axel or body of your vehicle. Instead of attaching the hook to the axel, the vehicle is maneuvered onto the flatbed. The flatbed truck has a hydraulics bed, and along with a winch, that can pull the car from the ground onto the flatbed with the least amount of effort. Cars that can be put into drive will have no trouble going up the ramp. Wheel lift and hook and chain towing are two of the more traditional methods of towing a vehicle. The vehicle is attached to the two by a yoke or a chain attached to the body or the axel, and then the vehicle is dragged to the final destination. These methods are best used with vehicles that have already sustained extensive paint and body damage.